Junsi X12

Junsi X12
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Product no.: Junsi iChargerX12
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Junsi X12

With the new iCharger X12, the renowned manufacturer Junsi has launched a pocket-sized charger that is unique in its class. Up to 12s can be loaded directly! Despite the small dimensions of 112x64x37 mm, no compromises were made in terms of performance and usability. The technical data is impressive, 1100W charging power (from 23.5V), 1-12s LiPo cells and up to 30A charge current are sufficient for large batteries with high capacity. Of course, all other battery types such as LiHV, LiIo, NiZn, PB, NiCd or NiMh batteries can also be charged. The discharge power is 50 watts, but can be increased to up to 1100 watts by means of an external load (discharge resistor). Of course, the iCharger X12 is also capable of regenerative charging. In this case, the battery capacity is fed back into the supply battery from a full flight battery, for example. The balancing current of 2 amps always ensures perfectly balanced cell voltages. A USB port and micro SD slot can be used to log the data, but also for future updates. The menu navigation is almost identical to the well-known Junsi iCharger 308DUO, 406 DUO or 4010DUO. A 2.4 “IPS LCD display ensures good readability even in low light.

Technical data:

  • Input voltage: 11-53VDC
  • Max. Power: 1100W
  • Length (mm): 112
  • Maximum number of LiPo cells: 12
  • Balancer equalizing current per output: 2A
  • Max. Charging current: 30A
  • Discharging current Adjustable with recovery: 30A
  • Max. Number of NiCd / NiMH batteries: 32
  • Input current limit: 35A
  • Max. Voltage lead-acid batteries: 40V
  • Max. Discharge power: 50W
  • Micro SD card slot: Yes
  • Integrated power supply: No
  • Connector type charging output: XT60
  • Connector type input: XT60

Weight 253 Gramm