Balance adapterboard XH12

Balance adapterboard XH12
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Product no.: CB12-XH
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Balance adapterboard XH12

Balance adapter board for up to 12 lithium cells with XH balancer connection.

  • Battery packs must NOT be plugged into different banks (A - E).
  • Note: Charging a 12S battery with 2 balancer plugs
  • - First connect the charger to the power supply or a supply battery. If you are using a power adapter, turn it on first.
  • Watch out! Only when the batteries are correctly connected to the balancer board then connect to the charger!
  • - First plug the first balancer plug of cells 1 - 6 "battery minus side, black cable" into the appropriate 6S slot on the circuit board from the minus side,
  • - then insert the second balancer plug of cells 6-12 into the second 6S slot from the plus side "battery plus side, red cable". Now connect it to the charger. If it hasn't flashed and smoked by then, you've done everything right!
  • - Only now connect the thick red main charging cable "+" of the battery to the charger, then the thick black main charging cable "-".

Scope of delivery:

  • XH12S board

Without cable, please order connection cable XH12 separately!