SLS Loyalty Points Program

The conditions of participation in the SLS Loyalty Points Programme

Profit and save with our SLS loyalty points programme. We reward every purchase with loyalty points that you can redeem with your next purchase.


1. scope

  1. The SLS loyalty points programme applies to all end consumers with a fixed customer account.
  2. A final consumer is a customer who buys our articles for his own consumption and does not resell them.
  3. The SLS Loyalty Point Programme applies exclusively to online purchases in our webshop "".

2. allocation of loyalty points

  1. For every online purchase as a registered end user in our shop you will receive "" Loyalty points on the respective value of goods (without shipping costs and other surcharges).
    1 € value of goods corresponds to 1 loyalty point.
  2. The loyalty points are stored in the customer account and are continuously added up after each purchase.
  3. If an order is cancelled or returned, the corresponding loyalty points will be deducted.
  4. l
  5. You can inform yourself at any time online in your customer account about the status of your loyalty points.
  • 1 loyalty point corresponds to 0,03 € discount, which will be deducted at the end of the order if loyalty points are redeemed. This means a discount of 3% on the share of redeemed points.
  • A combination of loyalty points and vouchers/discount coupons is not possible.
  • The loyalty points collected on the loyalty points account can be used for a follow-up order in the web shop on the page "Order overview" before sending the order. A maximum of 3.333 loyalty points (equivalent to 33.33 euros) can be earned per order, but never more than the value of the order.
  • Loyalty points that have not been redeemed remain in the customer account.
  • The loyalty points expire when the customer account is closed or the program is terminated.
  • A cash payment of the loyalty points is not possible under any circumstances.
  • 4. final provisions

    1. We reserve the right to discontinue the SLS loyalty points programme at any time or to change these conditions of participation, especially if legal regulations require this or if this is necessary for the improvement is necessary for the settlement or prevention of abuse. Status 01/2020
    Example: You make an order A for goods value 120 Euro gross and receive 120 loyalty points in return. You redeem with the next order B for 150 euros, 100 of the 120 points received for the first order A, then the payment amount for order B is reduced by 100*0.03€ = 3.00€ and you only pay 147€. 20 points remain on your loyalty points account. By the new order B you get 147 points again, therefore Your score is now 167 points (=5,01€).