SLS BattGo für Sicherheit und lange Lebensdauer Ihres Akkus

Intelligent charging process:

The intelligent chip in the SLS BattGo battery allows data to be exchanged between the battery and the charger. Defined parameters such. B. Charging current, end load voltage are detected by the charger and the right loader automatically selected. You simply confirm with Start and the charging process begins. A dangerous misuse or a wrong choice of the charging program is excluded.

Extension of the service life:

The intelligent SLS BattGo chip recognizes negative influences for the battery, such as too high temperature or too low voltage, and this for every single cell. It is thus possible to react immediately and to tune the drive to optimal conditions or to detect signs of aging early in order to avoid crashes or failures in advance.

An automatic self-discharge to your chosen parameters such as time and voltage protects the battery when you do not use it.

We use the proven XTRON cells for SLS Battgo.

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