BAT-SAFE XL Safety case

BAT-SAFE XL Safety case
BAT-SAFE XL Safety caseBAT-SAFE XL Safety case
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Product no.: BAT-SAFE XL
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BAT-SAFE XL Safety case

Bat Safe Fireproof Battery Case


The Bat Safe is designed so that the batteries can be charged and stored naturally. The charging cables are led through a flameproof opening to the outside. In the case of a fire of the battery, the resulting pressure inside can escape to the outside. This is done through the upper ventilation holes, at the same time the smoke is filtered so that no harmful substances escape to the outside. Inside the box can be up to 800 ° in a fire. Due to the special insulation of the box, the bottom and side walls are heated to a maximum of 80 °. The escaping gas does not get hotter than 150 °.

Internal dimensions

  • 240mmx165mmx380mm


Battery / charging specifications

  • Max. 444 watt hours

Weight 4650g