Pulsar 3+ - Professional battery charger incl. BT

Pulsar 3+ - Professional battery charger incl. BT
Pulsar 3+ - Professional battery charger incl. BTPulsar 3+ - Professional battery charger incl. BT
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Pulsar 3+ - Professional battery charger incl. BT


  • charge / discharge current (auto-settable ranges) 0.1-5.0A and 5.0-40A
  • charge / discharge capacity: 500 W / 12 V; 1,000 W / 24 V; 1,600 W / 36 V; 2.500 W / 48 V
  • charging voltage 0.6-64 V; 1-34 NiCd and NiMH; 1-24 pb; 1-14 Li-ion; 1-14 LiPo; 1 - 12 LiHV; 1-16 LiFe
  • Power supply 12V (9-15.5V); 24V (18-31V); 36V (27-48V); 48 V (36-60 V)
  • Efficiency 92-97% (depending on input and output voltage and line)
  • Power limiter for operation on weaker power supplies
  • Separate setup settings for operation on car batteries and power supplies
  • Charging / discharging (automatic) to storage (storage voltage)
  • cycles (adjustable up to 99 cycles): unloading Load; Charge-discharge; (with separately adjustable current for charging and discharging) and forming
  • Forming, optionally with regeneration function (NiXX)
  • Conditioning - Charging> Unloading to determine the capacity of the battery> Store ( Charging to storage voltage)
  • Continuous measurement of internal resistance (Ri) during charging (only possible during pulsed operation)
  • Built-in balancer up to 16 cells
  • Maximum balancing current 2 A per cell (presettable in 4 steps: 0.0 A = no balancing - display only; 0.5 A, 1.0 A, 2.0 A)
  • Simultaneous balancing of up to 16 cells possible
  • Loading without balancing possible
  • Balancing function only (with full voltage balance)
  • Balancer Total Power 100 W
  • Balancing current - automatically adjustable in 10 levels individually per cell
  • Intelligent (predictive) balancing algorithms
  • Balancing start voltage automatically determinable - depending on the degree of decalcation of the cells (cell drift)
  • Balance intensity funnel-shaped - the fuller the cells, the more intense the balancing
  • 20 process memory (data of the last processes)
  • 20 Program memory (user settings)
  • State of charge detection (NiXX): delta-peak (adjustable from 1 to 25 mV per cell in increments of 0.5 mV); Inflex; Charging time; Capacity monitoring
  • Pb, Li-Ion, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe - Charging and discharging voltage + 100 / -200 mV adjustable!
  • Fastmod (true Fastmod method, no early shutdown! ) for Li-Ion, LiPo, LiHV, LiFe, Pb
  • Reflex charging method (protects against the memory effect in NiXX, reduces drift of voltage in LiXX)
  • Operating modes: Pulse, Reflex , adapted for operation on mains generators (impulse mode switched off)
  • No voltage at the output during idling (safe when charging the accumulators in electronic devices eg transmitters)
  • Automatic interruption of process in the event of a power failure
  • Reverse polarity protection (input, output)
  • Short circuit protection (input, balancer - also mutually)
  • Lightning protection when connecting the battery pack
  • Charger housing from ground ( minus) isolated (no short circuit across the housing possible)
  • Temperature sensor
  • Step-down / step-up converter for r Full charging currents even with single cells
  • Discharging up to 100 W during operation on power supplies without additional resistance possible
  • Reverse energy recovery from 4 V when discharging into a power supply battery
  • Overcharging fuse of the car battery (at Reverse)
  • Limit voltage of the power supply battery programmable
  • Digital converter with special digital signal processor (DSP technology: allows very fast and precise converter control), which insensitivity Voltage fluctuations at the input result in
  • Graphic display 240 x 64 dots
  • Continuous illumination of the display (with brightness and contrast control) with possibility of reverse display (negative / positive)
  • Acoustic alarm (adjustable)
  • Individual (personal) configuration on the SD memory card (Possibility of temporarily using third-party devices with the customary settings with its own SD card)
  • Log of the processes SD card (the processes can then be analyzed or archived more precisely later on the PC)
  • Built-in real-time clock (time information is saved on the SD card)
  • Automatic time synchronization with PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone
  • Optional BT / WLAN communication Class 1 (up to 100 m range) with external antenna for communication with PC and smartphone
  • Built-in fan with speed control (very quiet - Only one fan is used!)
  • Upgradeable via Internet
  • Dimensions: 155 x 160 x 75 mm
  • Weight: approx. 1.085g

What's in the box:

  • Pulsar 3 + charger
  • Balancing adapter fully assembled (no additional balancing adapter required)
  • Adapter cable for standard charging cable
  • Connecting cable with crocodile clips
  • SD memory card for process data storage (supplied with PC software and instructions for use as PDF)
  • USB cable
  • Temperature sensor
  • Printed german user manual

Downloads/Operation Manuals


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