Lithium batteries and accessories for RC model making

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Lipos are high-tech products. "The little Lipo ABC" gives valuable tips to enjoy your energy donors for a long time.


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Lithium Polymer Akku Technology

An introduction to the structure, operation, chemical composition and proper use of a lithium polymer battery.

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Why SLS Batteries?

15 years experience and specialization in RC-Lipo batteries, constantly checked quality and safety, conservative C rating.

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Share high quality and innovative products, education and knowledge.

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    New products

    • Junsi DX 12
      Charging power 2x 1700 Watt - 2A balancer current
      379,90 EUR
    • Junsi 4512 Duo
      Charging power 2x 2000 Watts - 2A balancer balancing current, synchron 2800 watts
      489,90 EUR
    • Junsi 458 Duo
      Charging power 2x 1600 watts - 2A balancer current, synchron 2200 watts
      419,90 EUR
    • Junsi 456 Duo
      Charging power 2x 1400 watts - 2A balancer current, synchron 2200 watts
      399,90 EUR