Dry Fluid Gear Lube 10ml

Dry Fluid Gear Lube 10ml
Dry Fluid Gear Lube 10mlDry Fluid Gear Lube 10ml
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Dry Fluid Gear Lube 10ml

High End Liner for heavy-duty model-making gearboxes.

  • Specially designed for gearboxes of RC helicopters, RC cars, RC trucks, model trains and servos.
  • Can also be used for shafts and gimbal systems of all kinds.
  • Multi-stage lubrication system with long-term effects.
  • The use of dry particles, sliding polymers and high-end lubricants has not yet
  • Extremely pressure-resistant and excellent adhesion.
  • Very low tendency for dust and dirt binding.

Package contents:

  • With dosing tip, separate dosing cannula for precise applications and fine-hairbrush for surface applications.
  • Contents 10 ml

Weight 28g