Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo Charger 2x1400W 10S

Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo Charger 2x1400W 10S
Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo Charger 2x1400W 10SJunsi iCharger 4010 Duo Charger 2x1400W 10S
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Due to the ElektroG2 / WEEE2, this item can only be purchased from buyers (end users) from Germany.

Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo Charger 2x1400W 10S


  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Supported battery types: LiIo / LiPo / LiFe, NiMH / NiCd, Pb
  • Number of cells: 1-10 LiIo / LiPo / LiFe, 1-25 NiMH / NiCd, 1-18 Pb (2-36 V)
  • Input voltage: DC 9-50 V
  • Charging power max. (asynchronous): 2 x 1400W from >23.5V
  • Charging power max. (synchronous): 2000W from >23.5V
  • Charging power at input voltage >23V: Max. 1000W
  • Charging power at input voltage 12V: Max. 500W
  • Charging current: 2 x 0.05 - 40A (asynchronous)
  • Charging current: 0.05 - 70A (synchronous)
  • Discharge capacity max .: 200W synchronous, 130W asynchronous
  • Discharge current: 0.05 - 70A
  • Regenerative discharge: up to 1400W asynchronous, 2000W synchronous
  • Discharging with external load max .: 1600W 40V / 40A or 3200W in synchronous mode
  • Balancer current: 1.2A per output and cell or 2.4A in synchronous mode
  • Plug-in Balancer: XH
  • Balance Accuracy: <10mV
  • automatic fan control - 2 fans
  • USB port
  • Micro SD slot for storing logs and data
  • Dimension: 210.0 × 140.1 × 80.2 ± 0.5mm
  • Weight: 1470g
  • Cell internal resistance measurement
  • Firmware update via USB connection possible


  • Junsi iCharger 4010 Duo
  • 2x Balancerboard XH
  • 2x Balancing cable 11 cores for Balancerboard XH
  • 2x 2 x 2.5 mm² cable with banana plug
  • 1x input cable 4 mm² to 5.5 mm plug connector
  • 1x Mini USB cable installation
  • CD with software and instructions in English print
  • Printed German user manual


LiPo FAQ (das kleine LiPo ABC)

Unsere SLS Lipo Akkus sind Hightech-Produkte und zählen neben Motor und Regler zu den wichtigsten Komponenten für den Antriebsstrang."Das kleine Lipo ABC" soll ihnen ein paar wertvolle Tips geben, um lange Freude an Ihren Energiespendern zu haben. Es ist keine gewöhnliche und langweilige Anleitung, sondern eine Sammlung von Ratschlägen für viele Zyklen und langes Lipo-Leben.