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ISDT BAP2-BattAir Plugin

ISDT BAP2-BattAir Plugin
ISDT BAP2-BattAir PluginISDT BAP2-BattAir Plugin
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ISDT BAP2-BattAir Plugin

What is BattAir? Quite simply, it is the latest development from iSDT which makes a "smart battery" out of every 2-6s battery with a balancer connection. There are 3 versions, the BAP 2 (Batt Air Plug) for 2s LiXx, the BAP 4 for 3-4s LiXx and the BAP 6 for 5-6s LiXx. The BattAir plugs are very easy to use, the BAPs, which weigh only 2.8 to 4.7 grams, are plugged into the XH balancer plug of the battery and configured using the BattAir app. Any conventional battery (with XH plug) from your inventory can be upgraded, regardless of age or manufacturer! (If the BAP is in front of you and you look at the LED, the balancer plug must be plugged in on the far left!) The desired battery data is stored in the app, such as the desired charging current or the storage voltage. A name can be stored for each battery, and a category with which the batteries can later be easily sorted using a filter. For example, if you have batteries that are only used for airplanes and which are only used for helicopters, you can use the filter to sort them out directly. The app gives you information about the individual cell voltages and the charging status in % as well as the completed charging cycles. Firmware updates are also simply done "over the air" in the app. But even without the smartphone, the integrated LED of the BattAir plug can be used to read information about the charging status. If you press the button of the BattAir plug, the LED lights up red when the capacity is below 20%, it flashes 2x orange, the battery has between 20-90%, the LED flashes 3x green, the battery is more than 90% charged . The BattAir function is already supported by the iSDT Air8, the K4 and the K2 Air. These BattAir-enabled devices recognize the battery independently and display the appropriate information and accept the set values ​​directly. Batteries with BattAir Plug can of course be used with any charger regardless of the manufacturer! Then of course without the automatic detection, the balancer connection is looped through! All BattAir plugs sold via rc-dome have our full postal address and the rc-dome logo on the underside!

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Weight 5 Gramm